Rebuilding Broken Walls: A Practical Guide for Avoiding Homelessness

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                                                           Mother Daughter Tea


Pawtucket, RI March 27, 2018 – Pastor Gail Cavanaugh of the True Vine Church in Pawtucket, RI is holding a Mother Daughter Tea to introduce her book, Rebuilding Broken Walls:  A Practical Guide for Avoiding Homelessness, available on Amazon.

The Mother Daughter Tea is designed to give women and their families an opportunity to fellowship and discuss the issues affecting women in a Christian atmosphere.  The church will hold monthly meeting and this event is open all women in the area.

The first Mother Daughter Tea will be held on April 14, 2018 at the Boulevard Banquet Hall, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Women will enjoy a discussion of the book, feast on sandwiches, desserts and tea, and purchase a book, which the author will sign.

Peggy Anderson, who planned a Mother Daughter event for her church says, “What sweet fellowship we enjoyed and what wonderful memories we all made together that day!”  Laurie Cole, Author, Speaker, Teacher says, “More than just a female-bonding experience, mother-daughter events bring generations of women together to celebrate and strengthen relationships.”

Women can sign up for this event at,   The fee for the event is $25.00.  The book is $8.50 and is not included.

Pastor Gail Cavanaugh started the True Vine Church in Pawtucket, RI about one year ago and has been doing a ministry with the homeless and poor people in Pawtucket, RI.  Each day, she delivers sandwiches to those who need food.  She soon discovered that many more people were hungry when they expressed gratitude for the help on the days when they had no food in their cabinets.  Gail is in the process of opening a soup kitchen and her own vegan restaurant, The Fitness Wagon.

About women’s groups, Whitney Wolfe, CEO of Bumble. says, “These groups can and should be taken seriously, for what they bring to women both in terms of confidence and support, and in what they offer to profitable, scalable businesses with women leading them.”

The next Mother Daughter Tea is scheduled for April 14, 2018 and meets every second Saturday.

Contact:   Pastor Gail Cavanaugh



Rebuilding Broken Walls


Beyond My Imagination Book Clubs


I am in the process of creating book clubs for preteens who wish to join.  The clubs will include fun products for members to enjoy.  More on that later…..

Promoting Retailers Guide to Merchant Services Book


I have taken on more responsibility and will be using the proceeds of my book sales and other business pursuits to start  a church, open a womens shelter, an orphanage, a school, and preschool and to fund a children’s choir.  I will be launching a new promotion soon.

The book will help retailers who want to learn more about managinhttpg their profits and earning more money from credit card proceeds.    Many retailers have not converted their credit card termonals to the EMV CHIP technology, which will greatly reduce the amount of fraud because of the costs involved in converting.  As a result, the banks will not pay for their losses due to identity theft.  The business owners will now have to bear the costs.

The business owners will need to know how to handle the fraud so that they can reduce their losses.  I will announce the new promotion on this site.  There are so many people who need the services of a homeless shelter and orphanage aand it is my desire to try and help make life better for some people.  I will also be needing help in locating sites for all of theses places as well as staffing and donations.

I am promoting my book clubs (see my last posting) and my children’s clothing designs and gifts for the home.  I welcome your contributions and please share with your friends and in the other networks.


Excerpt from Retailers Guide to Merchant Services



Here is an excerpt from my book, Retailer’s Guide to Merchant Services.  The numbers after the words indicate where I have placed a footnote in the original copy.

“New and Loyal Customers

The ones who pay in cash now, will probably continue

paying in cash. But now, you will gain new customers

who prefer to pay in credit card.   Most customers

prefer4 to have a choice in payment methods and studies

have shown that you will retain your customers when

they have a choice. Safe Transactions for the Customer

Credit card terminals also accept debit cards which are a

safer transaction for the consumer. Debit cards require

the use of a PIN number which only the owner of the

debit card has. In order to use the debit card, the owner

must enter his PIN number into the machine.

The business owner incurs a charge for the debit card

which is below the rate for the lowest priced credit card,

the qualified VISA or Master Card. The savings in

processing debit cards is around sixty percent. This

means that the fee to process debit cards is about sixty

percent lower than the qualified rate.

In order to process the debit cards, the owner must

purchase a PIN pad in which the consumer enters

his/her PIN number. If the owner does not purchase a

PIN pad or ask the consumer to enter his/her PIN

number, then the fee for the transaction is at the check

card rate which is a about double the rate for processing

a debit card. Because of the savings involved, some

business owners choose only to process debit cards.

Debit cards5 have become very popular as many people

carry them in lieu of cash. When people use the debit

card, they have the option of receiving cash back from


the purchase. This means they can receive an amount

over and above the amount of change they would

receive from the transaction. The maximum amount is

determined by the owner.

Receiving cash back is another very attractive benefit

for the consumer to use his debit card instead of a credit

card as he would not be able to receive cash back from

a credit card. Now the customer has a choice of using

cash, check, credit card or debit card.

Rejecting Customers

What do you gain by turning down a customer? Studies

have shown that a customer is more likely to recount6 a

bad experience rather than a good one. When he relates

the experience, people tend to believe the story teller

and boycott the place rather than investigate on their

own. You may still continue doing business, but your

business will not grow as much as it would have, if you

were accepting credit cards.

Consumer Responsibility

Some business owners do not believe in credit cards for

the social reasons of how customers misuse them. While

this may be a valid point, most people are responsible in

handling their credit cards. We are living in the “Age of

Plastic” and people are able to purchase things that they

normally would not purchase because they possess a

credit card.7

Credit cards make it possible for people to have

businesses and make more profits than they normally

would have if they did not accept credit cards. When

the merchant accepts the payment by credit cards, he

receives cash in his business checking account within

three to five days. As long as the credit card machine

accepts the credit card, the merchant is guaranteed to


receive the money.

People are responsible for their own credit cards and

how they use them. Your decision to accept credit

cards will not contribute to the customer’s lack of

responsibility in controlling his expenses. This is an

issue that the customer must address. It is not the

business owner’s responsibility to ensure that the

customer does not over spend or abuse his credit card


Excerpt from Beyond My Imagination

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE - Beyond My Imagination 7102016

“When Richard arrived at his bus stop, the bus driver let him off and he waved energetically at all the kids in the window as the bus went by.  Then, he carefully checked for cars before crossing the street.  When he saw no cars approaching, he ran across the street to his house, where his mother was waiting at the door for him.  Gold and bronze leaves were blowing all around him.  When he arrived in the yard, he stepped on a giant brown leaf from an oak tree.  He reached down to pick it up to bring to his room.

“Hi, Mom, guess what?”  says Richard.

“What?” says Mom, not looking up from her yard work.

“They are giving piano lessons after school.  Can I sign up?” asks Richard.

“Did they give you the papers about this?  I need to read the papers first.  It all depends on what day they are offering the lessons.  Carey has Girl Scouts on Tuesdays, and Ryan has baseball on Thursdays,” says Mom.

Richard reached into his backpack for the papers, but could not remember where he had placed them.   He went inside and then emptied the entire contents of his backpack on the kitchen floor.  “Richard!” scolded his mother who followed him into the house. “What are you doing?  Look at all that stuff all over my kitchen floor!  Please pick it up now and put it away.”

“Oh, here it is!” cheerfully chided Richard, getting to his feet after being on his hands and knees.  “Here is the flyer and the permission slip.  Andy and I want to take it together.  Do you think we can practice at Grandma’s?”

“Whoa, wait a minute!” said Mom, “I have to look at the schedule first, and then I will let you know if we can fit it in.   What about your flute lessons?  I would have to check with Grandma first about using the piano.  She may have other plans.   Besides, I don’t know if the piano is working.”

“I can still play the flute, but I want to learn how to play the piano.  I can do both,” said Richard, pleadingly, with his hands together as if praying.

“Well I sure hope so.  Is there a cost?” asked Mom.

“No, after school activities are free.  I did not pay anything last time,” said Richard.

As Mom read the flyer, Richard got down on one knee and proceeded to pick up everything from the floor and restively placed each item back into the back pack.  He found his eraser that he thought he lost, his Batman comic book, and his Pokémon games.  At the bottom of the pack was a smashed, putrid peanut butter and jelly sandwich from last week. “

Book Clubs for Children


For anyone looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a book-lover son or daughter and fond of music, I have formed three book clubs depending on the level of enthusiasm.  They can be purchased at my music blog site, The Jubilant Pianist.  The clubs include gifts for the child.  There is a link on the blog site to view the gifts.

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE - Beyond My Imagination 7102016


  1.  Great Beginnings Book Club – includes t-shirt with the Beyond My Imagination Cover Design, and the book.
  2.  Hooked on Books Club – includes a t-shirt, book, and mug, all with the cover design on them.  Mug is stuffed with hot chocolate packets.
  3.  Books and Beyond Package – includes, t-shirt, book, mug, and greeting cards, all with the cover design on them.  Mug is stuffed with hot chocolate.

After the first of the year, there will be more on the book clubs.   The age level is school-aged children aged eight to thirteen.  The purpose of the book club is to encourage children to develop literacy and a love of reading which will hopefully lay a foundation for later educational pursuits.


Speaking Engagement


As promised, I am keeping you up to date on my radio show interviews.  I have another forthcoming interview on on Wordview on WARV, 1590 am, on Saturday, 11/2/2016 from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.  John Del Ricci will interview me about both my books, Retailer’s Guide to Merchant Service and Beyond My Imagination.

I am sending him a press kit which consists of my author bio, press release, and links to the books on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.  Of course, I always welcome reviews of the books from fans and blog readers.  I have assemble gift packages for parents of pre-teens who would like to join the book clubs and purchase products.  There is a complete description on the Jubilant Pianist Blog.  

Book Review – The Grace of God by Andy Stanley




I had the pleasure of reading the book, The Grace of God, by Andy Stanley.  A well-written book, it details the many instances in the Old Testament of the Bible where God chose to show grace on someone who was less than perfect, but could influence history in an extraordinary way.  In my opinion, it is a book which all born again Christians should read, not just “newbies.”   It is a reminder that we are saved by his grace and that he gives us things that we do not deserve.  He is a sovereign God.

I picked up this book, started reading it, and could not put it down.  The stories were so poignant and written with sensitivity, enough to encourage a person to forget any compunctions he/she may be carrying around.  The story of Judah stirred me up and made me marvel at how great a God we serve.  Judah was a man who had committed sins, and was not able to cover them up because he left evidence pointing to him.  At times, the story was hilarious, but nevertheless, God chose the tribe of Judah to be a genealogical line to his son, Jesus the Christ.

There were other stories which were just as compelling.  Andy Stanley very carefully examined the motives of all the people he included in the book to make it a beautiful statement that mercy triumphs over judgement and our God is a loving God.

Author Interview




I had my first author interview with Bruce Newbury on “Talk of the Town” on WADK – 1540 AM, in Newport, RI, Bruce is a very seasoned interviewer.  I was so nervous, but he made it very enjoyable!  He brought out some very interesting points about my book in that he could see how the book was based on my own childhood, a fact that I had totally overlooked.  It was not intended to be that way, but I guess my subconscious came out in the writing.

The purpose of the interview was to promote my book to my hometown, but also to encourage children to pursue the development of a talent.  I spent a total of ten minutes with him, but we covered a lot of ground.  I am ready for my net interview and will announce it sufficiently ahead of time so that others may tune in if desired.

Above is a new flyer that I am using to promote the book at local businesses.  Feel free to download and share with friends and family.  Also, it will make a nice gift for someone at Christmas!


Words to Remember

Fun stuff for kids

In case you have not noticed, I added a few words that were beyond a child’s comprehension, just to give them some exposure to a rich vocabulary.  Educators know how important it is for students to have a rich vocabulary.  It results in better opportunities throughout life, especially jobs.

The gaps between the opportunities of the rich and the poor are far too wide.  It is important for children to read or al least listen to stories at an early age.  Too many children are showing up at school ill – prepared; they lack the proper math and reading skills and they are emotionally immature or exhibit bad behavior.  Unfortunately, their parents do not understand how to prepare the children or they do not take the time to help them.

This is why enrichment programs after school really serve to help poor children, but these programs have been eliminated from the schools.   However, the Too Small to Fail enacted by the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, addresses the problems of a poor vocabulary.   President Obama has enacted some programs as well.

Having taught in various public and private schools, I have had the opportunity to witness some of the disparities in the educational level and awareness of students.  This problem expands throughout all the races, not just one or two.  I have seen music do wonders for children and am very disappointed that music programs were discontinued in some schools.   Hopefully, we will have more programs like Too Small to Fail so that all children can be better prepared for the Digital Age.

How wonderfu it would be for our children to be as they were in the  days of Daniel, “Children in whom was no blemish, but well favoured, and skilful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science, and such as had ability in them to stand in the king’s palace, and whom they might teach the learning and the tongue of the Chaldeans,”  Daniel 1:4.

If you have an opportunity to read or purchase my book, please share it with friends and family.