Promoting Retailers Guide to Merchant Services Book


I have taken on more responsibility and will be using the proceeds of my book sales and other business pursuits to start  a church, open a womens shelter, an orphanage, a school, and preschool and to fund a children’s choir.  I will be launching a new promotion soon.

The book will help retailers who want to learn more about managinhttpg their profits and earning more money from credit card proceeds.    Many retailers have not converted their credit card termonals to the EMV CHIP technology, which will greatly reduce the amount of fraud because of the costs involved in converting.  As a result, the banks will not pay for their losses due to identity theft.  The business owners will now have to bear the costs.

The business owners will need to know how to handle the fraud so that they can reduce their losses.  I will announce the new promotion on this site.  There are so many people who need the services of a homeless shelter and orphanage aand it is my desire to try and help make life better for some people.  I will also be needing help in locating sites for all of theses places as well as staffing and donations.

I am promoting my book clubs (see my last posting) and my children’s clothing designs and gifts for the home.  I welcome your contributions and please share with your friends and in the other networks.



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