Book Review – The Grace of God by Andy Stanley




I had the pleasure of reading the book, The Grace of God, by Andy Stanley.  A well-written book, it details the many instances in the Old Testament of the Bible where God chose to show grace on someone who was less than perfect, but could influence history in an extraordinary way.  In my opinion, it is a book which all born again Christians should read, not just “newbies.”   It is a reminder that we are saved by his grace and that he gives us things that we do not deserve.  He is a sovereign God.

I picked up this book, started reading it, and could not put it down.  The stories were so poignant and written with sensitivity, enough to encourage a person to forget any compunctions he/she may be carrying around.  The story of Judah stirred me up and made me marvel at how great a God we serve.  Judah was a man who had committed sins, and was not able to cover them up because he left evidence pointing to him.  At times, the story was hilarious, but nevertheless, God chose the tribe of Judah to be a genealogical line to his son, Jesus the Christ.

There were other stories which were just as compelling.  Andy Stanley very carefully examined the motives of all the people he included in the book to make it a beautiful statement that mercy triumphs over judgement and our God is a loving God.


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