Beyond My Imagination

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE - Beyond My Imagination 7102016

My second published book is Beyond My Imagination, a book for pre-teens about a boy who wants to play the piano and the experiences that his family encounters in trying  to see his dream fulfilled.  I wrote and illustrated this book.

Any child who takes piano lessons or wants to take piano lessons will enjoy this book. The story begins with an offering of the piano class after school.  Children who are learning how to read fiction will engage in the book, as the plot develops, and will see it through to the end.

I wrote this book because I am a piano teacher who has seen many children come to my after school classes with the hopes of leaning how to play the piano.  Some of the children were skeptical about being able to play and most were excited about the possibility of playing a song.  Some were fearful, but quickly overcame the fear when they sat down at the keyboard or piano and actually learned the scales.  I believe that every child should have n opprortunity to develop any talent at a young age as they gain confidence and valuable skills that they can use later in life.

I enjoyed writing and illustrating the book, and I must say, it was quite an undertaking.  When I had a completed work, I was relieved, as so much of my energy went into creating the work.  I woud do it again!

There are references from the Bible at the beginning of each chapter, of God’s hand in raising children.   The book will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble on-line stores.  It is now available on Create Space.  I encourage you to purchase a copy for your child or a friend’s child.  The book is for pre-teens and will give them experience in reading a longer work.   I would be interested in hearing what you thought about the book.



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