Retailer’s Guide to Merchant Services

Welcome to my book site.  I wil be discussing my published books.  The first is The Retailer’s Guide to Merchant Services.  This book is a must have in view of the fact that only 25% of retailers in the United States have converted to new credit card machines which accept the new EMV chip technology, introduced by the banks in Octobkber 2015.

This book gives insight for Christian business owners who are operating their businesses according to godly principles from the Bible.  I chose one of my paintings of a deer for the logo of this website because “a deer pants after water brooks as we pant after God,”  Psalm 42:1.  Visit my author page on Amazon.

Here is an exerpt from a review which I received from Roy T. James, of Reader’s Favorite: “The Retailer’s Guide to Merchant Services: From Storefront to Internet by Gail Cavanaugh is a serious dissertation on a state of the art business model for money transactions by the user. From the need for card reading capability to attract clientele to the adoption of social media, nothing is left untouched by the author which can potentially enhance productivity.”

As you may know, on October, 2015, retailers were supposed to convert their credit card processing to new equipment which woud enable the newly issued EMV chip technology embedded credit cards to be accepted at the check out.  Howver, in actuality, only 25% of retailers converted, causing more problems for retailers and confusion for consumers.  This new technology has reduced fraud at the checkout, but those retailers who have not converted will still face problems of credit card fraud.

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online stores.


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